Matrix Birthday Card

By Taheerah | 14th October 2015 | 40 Comments

Hi everybody,

Long time no see. I know it’s been a very long time since I last blogged. To say the last few months have been difficult would be quite an understatement. Aside from the occasional penning of poetry, my creativity was completely blocked by my mother’s passing. It’s still raw in some ways, but I’m coping and adjusting thanks to some very good friends.


Last weekend, I decided I was finally ready to try and make a card again. I needed to make one anyway to send to someone, and also I’ve felt it was about time to try again anyway.

The process did not come easily. Mechanically, I feel slower, more uncertain of what I’m doing. Things took a lot longer to figure out and do. I made mistakes. I had to start over a couple of times (I never have to do that usually). I couldn’t figure my way through problems quickly, like I would normally do. Some things felt alien now it’s been so long.

But I persevered, and today’s card is the result:

What do you think? It’s not perfect, and it is a CASE of a previous card I did a long time ago, but, I felt it still worked for the recipient and that also maybe I should not give myself too hard a time for it not being perfect.

I started with a panel of True Black cardstock and inked over the whole thing with my Versafine Onyx Black inkpad. I put the panel through my Minc to dry the ink (it’s not just for foiling!).

I then stamped the panel with the Unity Japanese Background stamp (which I’d previously cut into strips so I could overlap the characters and have variation in the stamping) using Versamark ink. I then covered the stamped areas with Perfect Pearls in Interference Green. That stuff catches the light so well and shimmers and is stunning in real life!! 

I then turned to my trusty MFT Typewriter Alphabet stamp set to add to the background, stamping random (and not so random) letters using the smaller characters. I covered in Perfect Pearls in the same manner as the Japanese background. I then spritzed lightly with water to set the panel.

Finally came the main sentiment. I wanted to stamp and emboss this directly onto the panel, but this was where I learned the hard way that no matter how well you dry or set Perfect Pearls stuff just still sticks to it. 🙁 So after a lot of trial and error I stamped the sentiment with GinaK White Pigment ink. It was fine but didn’t stand out like I wanted. So I stamped the letters again onto a separate panel of cardstock, heat embossed with WOW! Opaque Bright White embossing powder – then fussy cut them all out individually and adhered in place using Multi Matte Medium. So, they stand out, though not in the way I originally intended. Meh.

I gave the panel a spritz of hairspray to finish, to make sure that powder really wasn’t going anywhere, then adhered it to my base with ScorTape and I was all done.

So, I would love to receive some love for this little card – I’d love some comments! Apart from anything it would be great to know that you’re all still out there and haven’t forgotten about me. *wink*

Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m really hoping that I’ll now be unblocked enough creatively to be able to start posting a little more normally again, but in the meantime I’ve really appreciated all the support and patience and kindness you’ve all bestowed on me, and for each of you that have reached to me individually as well – you have no idea how much I appreciate you all.



40 thoughts on “Matrix Birthday Card”

  1. This is such a cool card – totally matrix. Anyone would love to receive it. I am so sorry for your loss also – I lost my mum very suddenly and unexpectedly a year ago – world card making day…. It took me a long time to care about crafting again and I still get sad most days especially her birthday and Mother's Day. My husband suggested I make her a card. I thought that was weird at first but actually it did help and I posted it to her (just dropped blank in the mail). So glad to have you back and looking forward to you rediscovering your mojo x

  2. This is incredible! I can't see the imperfections and am amazed this was what you came up with for your first card back. I'm so glad your heart is beginning to heal. Take all the time you need. We haven't forgotten you!

  3. Your card looks wonderful, Taheerah! I'm happy to see you attempting to create again. I've gone through very difficult periods of time where my creativity absolutely left me. But in the end it always came back. Give yourself the time you need to slowly ease your way back into things. When it's ready, the creativity will come back full force and you'll know it's back, you'll "feel" it. Hugs to you!

  4. This is a really cool card!
    It's not the perfection that matters-
    what really matters is the trial and error-just creating. It's great therapy.
    I have made a lot of imperfect cards, but my recipients of
    those cards are always so thrilled that I even made them
    something. Keep things in perspective and don't be too hard on yourself 🙂
    Healing takes time and reflection.

  5. Taheerah, I am so sorry for the loss of your mum, I'm glad to see you have made your way back to your craft and may you find a little release in creating. Your card is amazing, even though it didn't come easy at this time, the results are spectacular. 🙂

  6. Hey, Taheerah! So good to have you back sharing your awesome creativity and work with us!
    This Matrix card is AH-mazing, and you gave it a lot of love! It seems to have light coming out from the letters. I just love how it turned out :)!

  7. Welcome back to the blog land Taheerah, your card is beautiful, I am bit biased with the green, it is my favorite color, and I cannot believe that you fuzzy cut the letters, great job! its a beautiful card xx

  8. Me? forget YOU? Nah! I'm thrilled with your – you said it – STUNNING card! Unbelievably gorgeous! You cut these alphas out, seriously? YOU ARE BACK! We are all thrilled about it! XXXX

  9. WONDERFUL to have you back Taheerah!!!
    Your card is lovely, the design & colours almost magical, all the more so for knowing that it means you are back creating again. Don't expect things to be the way they were, they won't be, but my experience is that you will gradually start finding more and more pleasure in crafting as time goes by.
    Keep well, be as happy as you can be and take comfort in knowing that we're all thinking of you.
    {{{ HUGS }}}

  10. Tickled to death to see your post. And such a terrific one, too. fussy cutting letters out is kind of nuts, but I get why you did it. Was the perfect solution for your card. It's stunning, by the way. You haven't lost any talent during your absence. Again, glad you're back.

  11. So beautiful! Glad you are back! Missed you!!

    And you've inspired me to get creating again. I lost my mom too just recently so I know how it feels. Haven't felt like creating and blogging for a while too. But I will try now!

  12. You have never been forgotten! Awesome job capturing the look of the Matrix! So happy to see you creating…I hope it will help you as it has done for me in difficult times. -Shay

  13. Sending big hugs, Taheerah; you're taking some first steps in healing and although it may seem clumsy, hard and especially challenging, rest assured that your creativity will return, and with more depth and dimension than you may realize. I lost my dad, unexpectedly, on Dec. 30 last year – my parents' 56 anniversary – so I empathize with you. Grief comes in different ways and we have to honour the process, which it appears you're doing. Take all the time you need to do whatever you need: cry, laugh, write, design, be with family, be alone. You set the journey and the pace. Your card, in my view, is wonderful; not *meh* but truly cool and striking. Fussy cutting the letters is not only impressive but perhaps it was a way to 'connect' more closely with what you were creating. We're here; we've missed you; we love you!

  14. Taheerah…I am proud of you! I haven't been able to take this step yet, so I know how hard it was for you.

    The card is very cool…the Matrix look of it is awesome! 🙂

    Sending big hugs!!

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