Ask Me Your Photography Questions!

By Taheerah | 2nd April 2018 | 6 Comments

Hi everyone! Happy Monday!

I’m excited to announce a 3-part mini series I’ll be sharing on my blog soon about how I do my photography! I’ve had quite a few people over the years express an interest in my setup and my style, and this year I’ve finally made a few upgrades to my setup to get it exactly the way I want, so it felt like the time was here!


Shooting: My Style will be split into the following three topics:


Equipment And Setup
Styling And Props
Post-Processing And Corrections


I’ll come back to this post and add the links to these posts as they go live, so do bookmark this post to come back to it later!


Shooting: My Style

Vintage Floral Hello Card by Taheerah Atchia

I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks not to replicate my style exactly, but instead to hopefully help you discover your own style along the way!

Balloons and Streamers Party Birthday Card by Taheerah Atchia

Christmas Cards with Hero Arts by Taheerah Atchia

On Trend Class by Taheerah Atchia

My style is something I’ve worked hard on to develop to a point where it’s something I’m truly proud of. I feel it’s an expression of myself, my work, and the ‘story’ I want to tell. I honestly feel it offers something a little more unique and different to the styled card shots we normally see.

Life is Magical Floral Card by Taheerah Atchia

Breaking News - I Love You Newspaper Card by Taheerah Atchia

Good Cheer Chinese New Year Lion Card by Taheerah Atchia

If you’re searching for a way to make your photos expressive in this way then I think you’ll definitely take a lot away from this series!

Ask Me Your Photography Questions!

Taheerah Atchia Thinking

I hope you’re excited about this mini series, and I really want to make sure I answer any questions you may have along the way! So please hit me up in the comments with any questions you have regarding the three topics I mentioned! Or, if you’d prefer to ask me your questions in a less public way, then contact me at [email protected]. Hopefully I’ll be able to get around to answering everything you want to know over the course of the series!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and questions! Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “Ask Me Your Photography Questions!”

  1. Wow what a fabulous idea Taheerah I am really interested in finding out about these areas as I am currently photographing my projects for my blog page. I am sure that I will be able to use what I learn in my own photography and develop better imagery for my projects. :O)

  2. Hi Taheerah!
    I really love the way you photograph you projects! ❤️
    The problem I geneally face, is with props.. I always get confused what to use as props to make my photo look better, but that will not overpower my crafted project!
    Thank you!

  3. Amazing photography and staging, I always enjoy your beautiful creation and post! I do have a question, not so much of photographing my project but more on how to make my photo looks better on the blog, I noticed you have very large pictures like the very first picture here on this post, am I able to do that on blogger? I hope you can do a mini serious on that topic as well, I try to play around with the format and setting on blogger, but still couldn’t find the answer, hope you can help! Thank you!

  4. I always have an issue with lighting and editing! It would be great if you can share some photography settings as I don’t really get them right.. I’m eagerly waiting for this series! Would love to learn from you 🙂

  5. Hi Taheerah, This sounds so EXCITING !!! I LOVE the way you stage your cards before you take the photo, they ALWAYS look so classy, beautiful. I believe it really does make a difference how you stage the scene before you snap that photo IF you want to make the best impression. This should be a awesome mini series and I am really looking forward to it. I have been off line for the past week or so, looks like I missed a few posts, when I got back on I had way too many emails to deal with so I just put them all in a folder to deal with some day when I have time. I see one card up in your post that I must of missed it does not look familiar, it is GORGEOUS and I will be looking forward to seeing that email. Thanks and have a great week.

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