The Ton’s Spring 2018 Release Blog Hop – And A Giveaway!

By Taheerah | 4th April 2018 | 82 Comments

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!

Don’t you just love happy accidents?

Also known as, I need to get my eyesight checked.

Why, you might ask? Well, it has something to do with mistaking fish for flowers.

I kid you not.

When it came to choosing a few sets to play with from The Ton’s Spring 2018 release, I really was spoilt for choice! Effie is a master at creating amazing stamp sets, and when I first glanced at the release I picked out what I thought were three floral sets. Turns out one of the sets featured fish, not flowers.

Don’t ask me how I made this mistake. I’m gonna blame it on fatigue or being between several things when I made my selection. But really, I think I just didn’t have a clue what a Betta was and assumed it was some type of flower I’d never heard of. I’d heard of Siamese Fighting Fish, but had never heard to them being referred to as Betta Fish.

Thankfully I spoke with Effie when my goodies arrived, and a casual conversation about the sets led to me learning something new – luckily before I committed design to paper!

Anyway, let’s move on and never speak of this moment of idiocy again.

I have a couple of cards for you today for The Ton’s release, and a fun giveaway to boot! Let’s get straight to it!

Hello, Lovely Siamese Fighting Betta Fish Card by Taheerah Atchia

I’m starting with that amazing Beautiful Bettas stamp set and created this awesome underwater scene! Seriously, aren’t these fish amazing? So beautiful and realistic!

Hello, Lovely Siamese Fighting Betta Fish Card by Taheerah Atchia

I started with creating a pale blue watercolour was on my card panel, complete with splatters and water droplets!

Hello, Lovely Siamese Fighting Betta Fish Card by Taheerah Atchia

I stamped each of the fish with various combinations of ink, spritzing my stamp with water for the first two layers for a beautiful watercolour-like blend! This large guy has my favourite combo, so I had to give him some Nuvo Crystal Drops water bubbles to honour him!

Hello, Lovely Siamese Fighting Betta Fish Card by Taheerah Atchia

I added some Nuvo Glitter Drops in a few different colours to each fish, and also used my Wink of Stella brush marker to add some shimmer to the water too! I wish you could see all that shimmer and sparkle in real life – the pictures really don’t do it justice!

Hello, Lovely Siamese Fighting Betta Fish Card by Taheerah Atchia

Gotta say I’m really glad I accidentally chose this set – it is so stunning!


My second card uses the Dahlia Bouquet stamp set and taps into my new (rediscovered) love of floral stamps:

Sending You Love And Positive Energy Floral Card by Taheerah Atchia

I stamped just a portion of the bouquet in the corner of my cardstock, then stamped it 3 more times, rotated the cardstock by 90 degrees in my MISTI. Perfect placement every time – thank you MISTI!

Sending You Love And Positive Energy Floral Card by Taheerah Atchia

I did some loose watercolouring of the florals, and added a few little shimmer and Nuvo Drops details to accent the results and help lift the design.

Sending You Love And Positive Energy Floral Card by Taheerah Atchia

Sending You Love And Positive Energy Floral Card by Taheerah Atchia

This is quite a muted palette for me as I was going for a more vintage feel, but I still wanted it to have some glam!

Sending You Love And Positive Energy Floral Card by Taheerah Atchia

I combined two colours of the Versafine Clair inks to make a sort of custom blue-black colour for my sentiment. A really fun way to stretch your inks! 


The Ton Spring 2018 Blog Hop Graphic

So it really wouldn’t be an Blog Hop without a prize! The Ton is celebrating their release with the following prizes up for grabs:

Three new release stamps will be given away to random commenters from the hop participant blogs. To qualify, you must leave a comment on The Ton Blog Hop post. The comment period will close on Friday 6th April at 5pm EST. Winners will be announced thereafter on The Ton’s blog.

How awesome is that?!

Here is your hop order:

The Ton
Taheerah Atchia
Mayline Jung
Kymona Tracey
Justine Hovey
Brenda Noelke
Svitlana Shayevich
Lisa Harrolle
Laura Sterckx
Amy Tsuruta
Olga Matyushevskaya
Laurel Beard
Anna Kutsenko
Kay Miller
Vera Yates
Dana Gong
Renee Day
Ilina Crouse
Tae Eun Yoo
Amy Kolling
Eunji Jung
Janette Kausen

See More From The Ton!

The Ton has 14 new stamps, coordinating dies and 5 standalone dies for their new Spring 2018 Release which includes up to two free gifts with purchases (GWP). For more information on The Ton’s incentive gifts, head over to The Ton’s blog. New release products can be purchased now and all new release orders will begin to ship on Monday 9th April 2018.

Thanks for stopping by – and good luck!


Hello, Lovely Siamese Fighting Betta Fish Card

Sending Love And Positive Energy Floral Card

82 thoughts on “The Ton’s Spring 2018 Release Blog Hop – And A Giveaway!”

  1. OK, now I want to see the Bettas as flowers in a card of yours! If you can look at a stamp in a different way, you get more uses out of it!

  2. I love the colors on your Betta card. So pretty, a good stamp set too for masculine cards. Your floral card is so pretty, love the soft palette

  3. Oh Taheera, you aren’t alone in not knowing what Bettas are. I heard Janette speaking of them in her video & kept thinking I must be hearing her wrong as I’d never heard of a flower with a name like that. Learn something new everyday, right? I think your fish turned out magnificently!!! Turns out now I know they are fish, they are one, but just one, of my favourite stamps in this release. Your dahlia card is so soft & subtle & lovely. Thanks for sharing your talent & your ability to laugh at yourself. I was laughing with you, not at you, as I was reading. The Ton stamps are new to me & I have to say I am sure impressed.

  4. K, I can totally see why you thought the beta fish were flowers. An easy mistake, lol. You made a beautiful card using them and the colours in each of the fish are absolutely gorgeous!!

  5. Even though I know Betta are fish, I thought your first card featured lovely blooms until I read your post. The dahlia card is just breath-taking. Would love to own that stamp!

  6. Your cards are gorgeous. I thought the fish were flowers too the first time I saw a card made with the Bettas set.

  7. Great cards! I love the way you thought “outside the box” with the dahlia bouquet stamp to create that pretty floral frame!

  8. I luv your flower card with the dahlias
    I get so much inspiration for my reading the blog.

  9. i actually DID turn the Bettas into iris blooms:))) Feeling like I’m in good company when mistaking the Beautiful Bettas as Flowers! Your samples are LOVEly today as always!

  10. Taheerah, your cards are BEAUTIFUL! I too didn’t know that the “Betta” fish was the Chinese Fighting Fish. LOL AND I TOO, like the largest fish. I LOVE how you can see each layer of color, making them just POP! AND your floral card is WONDERFUL! There is NOTHING I like better than water color. I am NEW to The Ton & have only discovered them this week. GORGEOUS FLORALS! I think your floral card came out WONDERFULLY VINTAGE with the muted tones! SUPER JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  11. Truly, the Beta’s tails actually look like flowers. They are
    sooooo pretty, so I can see why you’d make that ‘mistake’.
    Beautiful cards.

  12. I love your story on the mistaken identy! The Betta fish are so beautiful!! you really did do a super job!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations!!

  13. I do love your Betta Fish flower. It looks like ink being released in water and gently flowing. Both are beautiful!

  14. Lovely cards! Love the contrast of the bright bold colors of the first card and the soft and delicate colors of the second card. Love the flower fish (just give them a new name).

  15. Lol! Your story is too funny, and your beta fish card is gorgeous! LOVE the colors in it! I also love how soft & springy your actual floral card is!! 😉 These are amazing!

  16. Those betas are amazing! I love the colors you choose! And the flowers are just so pretty ! Thanks for sharing

  17. It took me more than a minute to figure out what the fish were, so don’t feel funny about it! Your color and design of them is great. I like the way you broke up the clusters of the flowers and used them to boarder page.

  18. I had no idea what a betta was either until I saw a stamped example – then I thought I really need this set they are awesome. Beautiful cards.

  19. Just love your accidental stamp card.
    Just beautiful.
    Love the ton flowers stamp sets!
    Lovely cards.

  20. How could you mistake a betta for a flower? I did the first time I saw it too, so have no fear; you are not alone! Love how you colored them.

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