Hope Your Birthday Is A Smash Piñata Card (Lawn Fawn Guest Designer)

By Taheerah | 4th March 2017 | 7 Comments

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday!

2017 may go down as the year of dreams for me.

At least, I really hope it does.

Without spilling the beans, I’ve had a number of things I’ve wanted to do/achieve/make happen this year. Three months in and a few of them have already happened, and with others on the cards slated to happen too, it’s a pretty exciting time. Of course, I’m stupidly ambitious and also a dreamer, so I’ve set my sights recently on a number of big dreams recently, some of which may never come to pass. But I believe in dreaming, imagining, believing and flying – and you have to try to even have a skin in the game to begin with, so that’s what I intend to have.

2017 may be the year of dreams.

One such dream was to work with a number of companies that have been on my ‘wishlist’. Some are big. Some are newer. Some I’ve wanted to work for *for. ever.*. All are amazing.

Hope Your Birthday Is A Smash Piñata Birthday Card by Taheerah Atchia

I could sit here and gush forever about the company who designed that adorable little piñata – and the lady behind it. I knew Kelly Marie back when this company was a dream of hers, one that she had just begun to realise. Seven Years later and just look where they are now. It seemed only fitting that I used her Year Seven stamps to celebrate that in style. Plus, just look at the *cute*. Kelly Marie brought ‘cute’ to the stamping world when there was a gaping hole in the market for it. And now there’s cute everything, everywhere. And yet, no other company epitomises cute like hers does.

This card, along with some close-ups and details of how I made it, are over on the Lawn Fawn blog, where I’m Guest Designing today. I’ll actually be Guest Designing for them for the next three months, once a month, on the first Saturday of the month. I’m still pinching myself, and having to cover my mouth so that my squeals aren’t too loud.

Dream. Come. True. Achievement unlocked. Winning.

I do hope you’ll join me over there to check it out! See you there!


7 thoughts on “Hope Your Birthday Is A Smash Piñata Card (Lawn Fawn Guest Designer)”

  1. Was so thrilled for you when I saw this on the FB – Lawn Fawn is big time. And loving the card and streamers backdrop. I’ll hop on over to the site now. But wanted to say Congrats and you are correct !

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