Dinosaur Party Celebration Card

By Taheerah | 19th September 2016 | 6 Comments

Hi everyone, happy Monday!

I’ve always been fascinated with dinosaurs, even from a young age. Among my favourite books as a child were several thick volumes about all the different species of dinosaur, histories of palaeontology, and a whole lot more! The Natural History Museum was one of my favourite places. In fact if I hadn’t studied Astrophysics I probably would have picked Palaeontology as my degree. But I digress.
So with my fascination continuing well into adulthood, it’s no wonder that I have a natural attraction to and affiliation for dinosaur stamp sets. Dinosaur cards aren’t just great for kids – they enthral adults and children alike! And once you factor in some clever puns, they work for a number of occasions too. Case in point:
Dinosaur Party Celebration Card by Taheerah Atchia


This is just one shot of this card – you can find many more images, close-ups and a description of how I made it over at the Sugar Pea Designs blog where I’m guesting this month! I’d really appreciate you hopping over there and taking a look! See you there!

6 thoughts on “Dinosaur Party Celebration Card”

  1. Hold on…I forgot to add, as I did the previous time, that your ‘stage’ is absolutely awesome! Love that prehistoric theme!!

  2. My previous comment was obviously eaten by the blogger-monster, so I’m back..with the extra delight that comes from a ‘second helping’ of your stellar card! Your partying dinos are adorable, and your fascination with them certainly comes through in their colouring and design. I know you had fun creating them; they’re infused with joy (despite their impending doom…). The little touches you’ve included have such impact (sorry…no pun intended *grin*). The textures on the rock, the blended sky, the popped up mountains…all delightful…but the erupting little volcano steals the ‘supporting cast’ winner’s role for me! Love this! Palaeontology….certainly an intriguing field, yet one I didn’t consider back in the day (or rather, one that wasn’t ‘encouraged’ eons ago when I attended university…). Your post i s fantastic; a strong sense of VOICE that brings a smile to my face, along with your always engaging flair for the written word…..

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