Happy Birthday To Me – Tea & Cake AND A Giveaway!

By Taheerah | 8th January 2018 | 99 Comments

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! Forgive me the unusual publishing time, but I’ve been busy celebrating! You see, today’s my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!

It seems a lot of people shy away from celebrating their birthday as they get older – but I think you should celebrate it, whatever your age! You’re only as old as you feel – and personally, I don’t feel my age, and I don’t intend to either!

I’ve had a wonderful day, filled with doing plenty of the things that I love – including making myself a birthday card! It’s become a bit of a tradition now – but as a designer of cards, what birthday would be complete without a birthday card of my own?

Tea And Cake Happy Birthday Card by Taheerah Atchia

If you’ve visited me before, you know I take cake very seriously. And so, along with consuming actual birthday cake, I just had to feature some cakes on my card this year! This year’s card features the awesome Cake Love set from Altenew, and I just love it! No cupcakes as photo props this year – either I forgot to buy them or I already ate them… I’ll leave you to decide which! *wink*

Tea And Cake Happy Birthday Card by Taheerah Atchia

I coloured my teacup and cakes with Copics and added some Wink of Stella and a little diluted gold mist mixed together. I went for some of my favourite colours – pink, mint and gold, and lots of white space. I enjoyed colouring the images with a more whimsical touch, which suits their style perfectly!

Tea And Cake Happy Birthday Card by Taheerah Atchia

The card base is stamped with the Papertrey Shine set, and I splattered some black mist for a fun finishing touch! Pinflair Glue Gel was my go-to, as usual, for adhering my fussy-cut images with varying dimension.

Tea And Cake Happy Birthday Card by Taheerah Atchia

I’m really looking forward to making this year my best one yet!


It may be my birthday – but I’m giving you the chance to have a present from me! I’m giving away a $25 gift certificate to an online crafting store of your choice! To enter please leave me a comment wishing me a Happy Birthday and give me a compliment. This is very specific, so please take the time to follow the rules as other comments won’t count! *smile*.

I’ll leave this giveaway open until 23:59EST on Monday 15th January and will announce the winner on the 16th, all being well.

I’ll also be giving hosting another giveaway just for Instagram followers – so make sure you follow me on there and enter!

Good luck – and thanks for stopping by!


99 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me – Tea & Cake AND A Giveaway!”

  1. Happy Happy Happy
    Birthday! Lovely card
    and love that you are
    so happy and generous
    with your giveaways!
    Do enjoy visiting your
    blog and seeing all
    your beautiful
    creations. You go
    Carla from Utah

  2. Happy Birthday, Taheerah!! You are such an inspiration — I don’t know how you do it all! I love each and every one of your beautiful creations — which are always so unique and breathtaking!

  3. Happy Birthday to you and here’s to many more happy ones! My compliment to you is that your personality shines through in your posts and you are incredibly talented. Thank you for inspiring me to create this past year and I look forward to another one.

  4. Happy Birthday Taheera,I think your so special.Making your own cake is brilliant,as for those cupcakes,you ate em girrl and you knew you deserved every bite for your hard work.Many blessings your way,I send.

  5. Happiest of Happy Birthdays, Taheerah! You were the very first blogger that I subscribed to and I’ve followed you for over a year now. I find you not only creative, witty, confident, and clever, but you also seem organized and passionate about what you do. I love your work and your dedication to the craft. Many happy returns of the day.

  6. HAPPY HAPPY DAY! I love that you believe in celebrating birthdays. That’s what they are for! Hope yours is a great one. My compliment to you is that you have inspired me a lot these past few months with your wonderful designs. You are incredibly talented and I’m learning a lot. Thank you. Enjoy your special day!

  7. Happy, happy birthday Taheerah. (Today is also our youngest daughter Bri’s birthday, what a coincidence). I really like the spirit and enthusiasm you radiate in your posts. You seem like a very happy and positive person, which is so refreshing. Not to mention your designs are always lovely. Hope you had an amazing day.

  8. Happy, happy birthday, Taheerah! You have the right attitude, for sure! As a nurse, I always say birthdays are to be celebrated. I’ve cared for so many people who would have given anything to have another BD. My compliment is that you can make such a variety of card styles which I thoroughly enjoyed during the Advent Calendar event! Wishing you a great year!

  9. Happy birthday Taheerah! Such a pretty birthday card to yourself! Yum! You are so generous! Celebrating your birthday by giving! You are also very creative! Love your designs!

  10. Happy birthday Taheerah! ??? Sounded like it’s been a great day. You’re right… as I get older, I’ve stopped celebrating my birthday coughing it up to just another day. You’ve now inspired me to start celebrating again starting this year.
    Your birthday cake card is beautiful, but that is to be expected. ? I participated in your Advent event this year and loved every single card you made. It was inspiring and now you inspired me again to celebrate my birthday. ?
    Happy birthday again!

  11. Happy Birthday! I am so inspired by all of your cards! This one is so sweet, love the soft colors! My birthday is later in the month, so I will have to try and make a card for myself too!

  12. Happy birthday to YOU!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day and havery all your wishes come true……
    I celebrate mine tomorrow and I hope to receive a card too ( made by myself..lol) just might have to case yours….because I love it…so soft and sweet….thanks for sharing with us…love it…

  13. Happy Birthday TAHEERAH!? I am guessing you ate the cupcakes??? LOL As you should!
    You are a beautiful and talented person and I am glad you are celebrating…..Age is merely a number! Your beautiful birthday card is so pretty I had to pin it for inspiration.

  14. Happy Birthday to you!!! I love your card and after all the sweets, I don’t think a few more would hurt!! Enjoy your day!!! Hoping you get all the goodies you so deserve!!

  15. Happy Birthday for today, glad you are having a great birthday, we seem to have a cake fondness in common, so I will go out tomorrow and buy a party cake and my family and I will celebrate with you.( any excuse for cake) I wish to complement you on your brilliant Christmas advent calendar, that I joined in with for the first time, you worked so well at getting all those companies to join in and offer brilliant idea’s of cards and allow you to donate prizes away and on top of all that hard work you also produced a card yourself for every day with every company. Thank you for all your hard work for our benefit.

  16. So pretty. I like the soft colors and your tradition of making your own card and celebrating no matter your age. Happy Birthday!! Thank you for your generosity and sharing your talent with us.

  17. Happy Birthday Taheerah! I hope that your day is amazing and that you enjoy all the cake?
    I just love your desire to work the Advent Calendar event every year. It is truly an amazing feat and I think that you do an awesome job!

  18. Happy, Happy Birthday. Your description of your day was so fun to read. I agree, cake is wonderful to eat, and I do love the card you made for yourself. What a fun idea! Have a good 2018 until another birthday arrives.

  19. Well, happy birthday ? to you!!!!

    How lucky for me that I just ordered this stamp set, and you’ve given me some wonderful inspiration! Your card is fabulous.

    Hope you had a great day with lots of fun and cake!

  20. Im new to your blog and I loved your Advent event….now onto now… .. .HAPPY BIRTHDAY you talented artsy crafter you! On your birthday id like to thank you for sharing your talents and ideas with us, especially me…the newbie. I love card making but Im learning….but im in love!
    Rock on for your birthday and Happy New year too! A new years baby! Enjoy!

  21. Happy Birthday, Taheerah!!! What a pretty card you made for yourself. 🙂
    You bring such life and energy to everything you make and do. It is a joy to read your posts and see your creative talents!!
    Thank you so much for letting us celebrate along with you. Many wishes for the best BD ever and for a year filled with love and laughter!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  22. I absoluely do wish a very happy birthday to one of my favorite card-makers. Anyone who goes to all the trouble you have gone to in order to make Christmas a very special time for so many of us totally deserves two weeks of rest followed by a birthday celebration that ‘takes the cake!’ I never thought to make my own birthday card, but I think I might just do it this year! Thank you for all you do…and I don’t think you are at all geeky (unless you mean it in a totally endearing quirky kind of way!).

  23. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Taheerah, happy birthday to you!
    So glad you’re having a fabulous birthday! And you don’t look a day over 21 either. <3 <3 <3
    Your card is just darling and I love your tradition. I've never even thought of that. I like it! You are a genius. 🙂

  24. Happy Birthday to you!! (Just be happy that I am NOT singing it to you in person–that would not be pleasant! trust me. lol)
    Ok. So I am a relatively new follower ( a couple of months, I think) and let me say, with all the blogs out there and on my blog list (and there is quite a few! :/) Your blog is among my favorites. I think your blog, YOU, inspire me. Like this birthday card–girl, it is gorgeous! You have some very, VERY serious talent! And thank you for sharing it with us. you truly inspire me.

  25. HB2U, HB2U, HB dear Taheerah, HB2U! Hip Hip hooray!!! hope your day is a as wonderful as your are and all your gorgeous cards – and I so admire your organizational skill in putting together the advent calendar hop!!

  26. Happy Birthday! I so appreciate all the work you must do to put together the Christmas crafting advent. You always present yourself in a positive way and have amazing card making skills.

  27. Happy Birthday, Taheerah! Your birthday card to YOU is gorgeous! I think your designs are always so pretty. Here’s to many more birthdays for you.

  28. Happy Birthday to you! Beautiful card… love the soft colors!
    I want to compliment you for all the work you put into the Advent Calendar event to make it so fun! Lining up all the fabulous sponsors, your creations, all the blog posts make it a super fun event to look forward to! Lots of work and thank your for your dedication!

  29. Happy Birthday! Such a yummy card. I hope you ate all those missing cupcakes, you deserve it:-)
    And one more time BIG thanks for organizing Advent Calendar Extravaganza, it’s always a blast.

  30. I love this card! Will try to replicate with things in my stash. I celebrate my entire bithday month, so Happy Birthday Month!
    P.S. Your cards were usually my favs on the advent hop. It must be a monumental effort to come up with 25 ideas on consecutive days.

  31. Happy Birthday Taheerah!!! I love this card. The colors are so soft and pretty. Thank you for all you do putting on the Advent Calendar every year.

  32. Happy birthday Taheerah and I hope you have a wonderful celebration! I love following your work and seeing all your beautiful cards. You have amazing style and your cards reflect it. Always gorgeous creations!

  33. Happy Birthday! Thank you for the amazing inspiration! Your cards are filled with such fun colors and techniques. I always learn from you! And, you are so generous! Yours is one blog I love visiting daily!! Enjoy your day!

  34. Happy Birthday, Taheerah! Seeing your beautiful creations it’s clear to me that you put your heart and soul into your work and you are so generous with your time and talent. I appreciate your hard work all year long and especially during the holidays. Your Advent Calendar series is one of my favorites of the holiday season. Here’s to many more birthdays and many more beautiful creations! I bet those cupcakes were delicious 😉

  35. Happy Birthday! I agree we have made a milestone and should celebrate our birthdays every year. The cake on your card this year is very pretty.

  36. Happy BIrthday Taheera! You are the absolute queen of the interesting background. I’ve seen many of your cards and you do everything for the soft and dreamy misting and splatting of today’s beauty to full on complicated individually cut floorboards. I’m awe of you! Enjoy your day.

  37. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Taheerah
    Happy Birthday to yoooouuuu!
    Making yourself a fabulous birthday card is a beautiful example of your your amazing attitude! I love that you celebrate getting older and realize that you are as young as you feel!
    May you always be the creative, talented, generous, loving-life person for many more birthdays to come, Taheerah <3

  38. Happy Birthday! What a lovely card to express birthday wishes (hope you have a delicious, pretty cake!) I can’t help but compliment your tireless commitment to sharing you creative talents and encouraging the rest of us along our journeys! It’s wonderful to get to share your journey as well – thank you for all you do! Giving presents to us speaks as to your generous spirit! All the best in 2018 –

  39. Happy Birthday, Taheerah! I wish you many, many more! I LOVE your attitude about birthdays, and the idea that you would make yourself a birthday card! That is amazing and I think I’ll be adopting that positive attitude too! I think your work is absolutely beautiful, and has a wonderful look to it that I recognize as yours the moment I see it. You have a wonderful eye for soft, pretty designs that I just love, and you are uncompromising in your values, which we all love! Have an amazing 2018 and eat cake, woman! It’s your day!

  40. Happy birthday Taheerah! I love how you really live life happily…you should celebrate your birthday and be thankful as you are for the gift of life. Plus you do such a great job of using your life to inspire others. Have a wonderful birthday!

  41. Happy Birthday! I think you make beautiful cards and I love how you host the Advent Calendar every Christmas. I look forward to it every year! I hope you have an awesome birthday!

  42. Happy Birthday Taheerah! Your birthday cake card is sweet perfection. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us all. I am opting for the “forgot to buy the cupcakes” scenario – so you’ll just have to buy some more to eat “wink”!

  43. Happy, Happy Birthday, Taheerah – I love to celebrate my birthdays too – chance of being spoiled for a day lol.
    Love the card and thank so much for your sharing your birthday with us and complement you on your giving and fun loving nature:)

  44. Haha, you are a funny girl, of course, Happy Birthday, I love your blog posts, I love your giveaways, and the most important thing, I love your beautiful work and how you put a smile on my face every time I am here! : ) Happy Birthday once again!!!!!

  45. Happy Birthday Taheerah! I hope you have (or had!) a lovely day! Your card is stunning! The coloring is so lovely. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous creations with us, as well as your generosity! 🙂 Here’s to a wonderful year ahead!

  46. Happy, happy Birthday! I’m glad your day was filled with all your favorite things. I enjoy following your blog and getting lots of inspiration.

  47. Happy Birthday!!! You already know what I think of your stamping. You are one of my favorite stampers. So I’ll compliment your heart. It was such a treat to meet you and see the real person behind the talent. We all have our ups and downs and life issues, but no matter what you always produce magic on your blog!! Hope 2018 is a blast

  48. Happy Birthday, Taheerah!!!!!! I can easily compliment you on your amazing use of color and coloring, how you use placement on your cards “just right”, and how you are so good at different techniques, but I want to compliment you on something much more important, your kindness. (P.S. My 60th birthday was Saturday.)

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