#FollowFriday No. 2

By Taheerah | 10th January 2014 | 21 Comments

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! And welcome to the next in the series of  #FollowFriday!


Those of you who are avid Twitter users may be familiar with the term ‘Follow Friday’ or #FF. In a nutshell, people take to Twitter with the hashtag #FF to promote other users they suggest you follow. It’s a great little way to give people a shout-out and for a while now I’ve wanted to introduce a similar idea in blog form! It’s going to be an awesome way for me to give a shout-out to other designers I think *you* should be following if you don’t already do so!

I’ll be bringing you this feature every Friday and highlighting around 5 designers worthy of a special mention! It’s going to be so awesome!

So without further ado, may I present this week’s #FF designers:

Kelly Griglione – Notable Nest

If I ever had to pick one ‘outside-the-box’ designer, it would be Kelly, hands down. This girl works even the most basic supplies to the bone to produce absolute stunners time and time again, and not only that but her ability to exercise an idea to exhaust all possibilities from it always leaves me amazed. She is trendy, she is innovative, she is a genius. Be prepared to see cardstock transformed as you never have before. You’ll never look at your stash the same way ever again.

Jennifer Rzasa – Our Change Of Art

How this girl isn’t ruling the crafting world, I just don’t know. It is a complete mystery to me. Always oozing style, her work dances the line between extraordinary designer and gifted artist. She can do everything that is worth doing in our world, but with more panache and individuality and sass than anyone I know. And she can do a whole bunch of extra things that take her way past what the majority of us even aspire to do. Don’t believe me? Go spend a little time on her blog and you’ll see what I mean. PS: did I mention that she watercolours (no, I mean she really watercolours), she can draw, she makes her own costumes, and she is a geek? All together with the Wayne’s World quote now: “We’re not worthy!!”

Iwona Palamountain – Random Acts of Creativity

Meet a girl who doesn’t have ‘a’ style: she has all of them. There’s not a single thing she can’t turn her talented hands to, and yet even with a style like vintage she can breathe fresh life into it and make it seem trendy and young. Chupa has been on practically every Design Team out there and won almost every accolade there is (just check out her resumé!), and with good reason. She has the most amazing knack of combining completely unrelated supplies and manufacturers with seamless fashion, she combines colours with such flair that Pantone should snap her up, and she could probably write a book on techniques. Her weakness? Answers on a postcard please… 

Mayuri (Flubidoo) – Candles in the Garden

A complete rising star, Mayuri’s work just suddenly seemed to explode onto the crafting scene. In fact, she pretty much literally has. You would not know she has been blogging for under a year to look at her stunning work though. Always with something unexpected and completely amazing up her sleeve, her flair for colour and composition and her sheer brilliance in her designs have me reaching for my zoom function to check out each piece of eye candy over and over again. Obviously she is talented. Obviously she is trendy. Obviously she is going to be big, big *big*. Check her out. You will not be disappointed.

Debby Hughes – Lime Doodle Designs

For the second week running I am rounding out my fabulous five with a brilliant Brit. And boy is she brilliant. Debby is my local go-to guru. Her brain processes ideas, techniques and inspiration like a computer crunches numbers. Her flair for design is truly mindblowing; her ideas are like an actual breath of fresh air. She always comes at things from a fresh perspective and it always results in something truly fabulous. That embossing paste technique we’re all still digging? You have her to thank for that! Be warned though: her work is addictive, and she is so damn good at enabling that you may have to surrender your wallet at the door when you click on her link… – but it’s totally worth it.

So there we are folks – your Follow Fridays for this week!! Give them a cheer!! Please do stop by their blogs and follow them, give them some love, stare in awe, then come away inspired to try a million new things! I’ve also set up a special Pinterest Board to keep track of all my #FollowFriday featured designers!

I hope you love this new feature of mine – I would love some feedback on it! Thanks so much for stopping by – I would love it if you left some love for these ladies as you head on your way!

21 thoughts on “#FollowFriday No. 2”

  1. Woop woop!!! Agreed! Yup, you've summarised every single thing I love about these designers in such an eloquent, precise style of writing, T! 🙂

  2. So completely blushing!! And these are seriously my favorites!! Each for a different reason, as you've so eloquently, insightfully, and accurately described here. You really have a gift for words, Taheerah, and most definitely should be writing for a paper crafting magazine. I don't remember if I said this last Friday, but if I didn't I was thinking that I was reading MFW again, only expanded upon. Not too late to add to your 2014 goals : )

  3. oh my gosh, I love reading these! I definitely see my lunch hour activity — running around the blogosphere and meeting these fabulously creative people! I can't wait for the inspiration! Love this feature on your blog!

  4. All I can say is WOW! I am completely stunned, humbled and thankful all at the same time Taheera, especially being among a list of such gifted crafters…you're blogging style definitely makes me want to read more and more, but to me, you too are a *huge* source of inspiration! Thanks again for your sweet words 😉

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