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By Taheerah | 30th December 2010 | 31 Comments

Hey everyone,
Well, I haven’t blogged in a really long time. To be honest, I haven’t created properly for a long time either. Just not been in the mood. [sigh] Let’s hope that changes in 2011!
Anyway, quite a few of my blogging friends are taking part in a blog hop showcasing their Top Ten cards of 2010, so I thought I’d join in! So here are my Top Ten creations this year. You can click on any of the images to see the original post:

10. Wishing You Sunshine
I’m starting with a card that really kicked off my 2010! I created this for the last Raspberry Suite Colour Challenge that was on Dawn McVey’s blog and I made The Spotlight!! I really like the CAS nature of this card and that it came together so easily!

9. You Are My Sunshine
This card was a lot of fun to make and I got to play with felt and cork! Love the colours on this one – and it was showcased in the August Papertrey Newsletter!!

8. Damask Rose
A card that I submitted for publication that wasn’t picked up, I love the shape of the card (the right edge matches the shape of the rose) and the simplicity of the design.

7. Eat Cake!
Love the colours on this one!! All the elements came together perfectly – *and* it was picked as a runner-up for Lisa Johnson’s Poppy Seed Challenge!!

6. Celebrate Today & Every Day
This card was a real labour of love (about 6 hours I think!) and was my first foray into a vintage style. I love the soft colours and how, after all the effort and trials in putting this together (see the blog entry!) it ended up being a card that I really loved.

5. Birthday Cupcake
I created this card for my friend Chrissie’s birthday and it was so cute and fun that I didn’t want to give it away!! Love the hot pink and black – and the cupcake of course!!

4. {Sweet Fabulous You}
Another vintage creation, I loved building up a custom background and putting together my own sentiment from different stamps from Say It With Style. And the punctuation – love it!!

3. There’s Nothing Better Than A True Friend
Truly proud of this card. One of my only ever CASEs (and only because the challenge was to CASE!) ended up being something I put my own spin on and still showcased my own style.

2. Happy Birthday Dawn!
I love this uber-fun card I created and sent to the one and only Dawn McVey for her birthday! Dawn loved it too so there’s no greater validation in my book!!

and finally …

1. Live, Laugh, Love

This card is truly my greatest achievement. Everything custom-created and put together, a *real* labour of love (about 8-10 hours easy when you factor everything in!), and a truly vintage card that holds pride of place in my bedroom. I just love every single thing about this one!!

Well, thank you for stopping by my creative journey of 2010. I hope I can bring you more cards next year than I did this year, and I really hope to get published next year. For one reason after another I couldn’t give my all to crafting in the last few months of this year – and I really want to put that right as soon as!! I hope you enjoyed looking through my Top Ten and would love to have your comments!!

Wishing you all the best for a truly happy and prosperous New Year,

Taheerah xx

31 thoughts on “2010 Top Ten”

  1. Taheera, I truly can't pick one favorite. You are so talented as you create a variety of styles. I hope 2011 brings you happier days and brings us more of your beautiful cards.

  2. Wow! It was so hard to narrow my favs of yours……the Celebrate Today card and th You are my Sunshine card!!! Here's to a great 2011!

  3. All so beautiful. As I was scrolling down they just got better and better. Hoping 2011 will be a great year for you and that you will find the happiness you so richly deserve.

  4. Taheerah – thanks for sharing your inspiring and beautiful cards. I think my favourite is no 6, and no 7, oh and no 8 ….! Looking forward to seeing your creations in 2011! Happy New Year! Nicole

  5. Well what a trip down memory lane that was, T! I remember each one of those fabulous creations (and the recognition that some of them achieved too!)
    Here's to much more inky time in 2011 and let us hope it brings us both much more joy rather than sorrow!
    Happy New Year!

  6. You are one talented lady, Taheerah. I hope that your creative mood returns very soon. While each of your ten choices has something special to put it on the list, my favorite is the tissue paper card, Celebrate Today. The lovely soft colors used in your design touched me.

  7. Wow, you chose some real stunners as your top ten, Taheerah. I loved them all, but I think Dawn's was my favorite. Love how you did the Lily of the Valley on that one. Must try that! Now, may your 2011 be a year full of the life, laughter, and love that you deserve!

  8. Beautiful cards, Taheerah! All are so lovely. I love the soft, elegant 'Live, Laugh, Love' card and the fabulous colors and details on the card you made for Dawn. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Such beautiful cards, T! I absolutely love the woodgrain stamped on the cork, and the cards using the Larger than Life and Dot Spot stamps. Thank you for sharing!!

  10. You have such an elegant chic style, Taheerah! I gotta go with your extra-special blog hop card "Live, Laugh, Love", sooo beautiful and I remember how happy it made you to make it!

  11. Glad to see you posting again. They are all great but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the card you made for Dawn. I hope the New Year is a better one for you and you find your mojo again soon!

  12. Taheerah your cards just blow me away. I honestly can not even pick a favorite because I moved down your post I kept saying….."Oh, that one is my favorite…..No, that one is my favorite…." I'm sure you get the picture. You are so amazingly talented that I can't wait to see what you create in 2011!

  13. Wow! You have a couple of very unique styles. I think you are mastering the Vintage look, and your work with the flowers is just beautiful! My favorite is #3. The colors and the way the flowers fall down the card are wonderful!

  14. These cards are just amazing Taheerah! Every single on of them is truly a work of art and you can tell you put your heart and soul into each one. I hope this next your is your best one yet!

  15. Beautiful cards!! I love the first one, #10, the most of all!! It is so pretty and I can remember seeing it on Dawn's blog! It's beautiful! It has been fun to see how your style has progressed over the months as well. Great work!

  16. This is one gorgeous looking Top Ten. I love them all, particularly Sweet Fabulous You. How'd you do that? I am not surprised that Live, Love Laugh is amongst your greatest achievements it is spectacular. Utterly frameworthy.

  17. I love all your Top Ten choices Taheerah. My favorite though was the Birthday cupcake with that fabulous hot pink/black background. You have a really elegant card too with the celebrate Today and Everyday card. Love all of your Top Ten. Hope to see more in 2011.

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