MISTI May-nia Giveaway Winner – Take Two!

By Taheerah | 4th June 2016 | 7 Comments

Hi everyone!

Well, my original winner from the MISTI May-nia Giveaway never got back to me, so I’m just popping on quickly to pick another winner!

Random.org helped me pick the following lucky winner:



Congratulations juliemead! Please contact me ASAP and I will let you know how to claim your prize! Please don’t make me have to redraw again, lol!

Thanks again everyone for your kind words – if Julie doesn’t get back to me in the next few days I’l be picking another winner again soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “MISTI May-nia Giveaway Winner – Take Two!”

  1. Can't believe that a winner wouldn't step up and claim it!! I know that if I was to be notified that I won the Mini MISTI I would trip over myself in my rush to respond and claim it! Congratulations to Julie! If she doesn't claim feel free to email ME! LOL

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