New Feature: Trend Requiem – Coming Very Soon!

By Taheerah | 22nd January 2014 | 5 Comments

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!

I’m bringing you a little warm-up post today to let you know about an awesome new feature that will be starting on my blog really soon – Trend Requiem!

Trend Requiem is an exciting new feature I’m bringing to my blog. Following my Moxie Fab World post of the same name back in December 2013, I felt compelled to turn that one-off into a regular feature for my own blog! Once or twice a month, I’ll be providing an in-depth and inspiring look at a particular trend in our industry.  With a combination of inspirational images, prose and product round-ups, I hope to leave you feeling excited, inspired and ready to try out these trends for yourself!

This new feature kicks off tomorrow with a trendy post you will not want to miss!! Any guesses what it’ll be about?!

I do hope you’ll stop by tomorrow to check it out! Bye for now, crafty friends!

5 thoughts on “New Feature: Trend Requiem – Coming Very Soon!”

  1. Sounds great! I'm going to take a guess at a trend you'll focus on – the messy, layering effect I'm seeing everywhere. I love the look, and I really want to try it. Actually, I'm going to use it today on my dates journal (I got the idea from Savannah on Paper Smooches – she posted it just the other day). You'll see it on my blog soon!

    1. Not necessarily 'dead' – just ones we're pausing to remark on or remember. 🙂 That's spirit in which I meant it anyway, rather than the morbid version. *wink*

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