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Happy Birthday to Me!

By Taheerah | 8th January 2013 | Leave a Comment

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! It’s a Happy Tuesday for me as today’s my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! We’ll not discuss how old I am, but I can still get mistaken for being in my early 20s so let’s just

This is Awesome!

By Taheerah | 5th January 2013 | 9 Comments

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! Today is my penultimate day off before starting back at work on Monday. Guess I had better make the most of the remaining time and get crafty! My last few cards have been pretty CAS, and

Neon Flame Flower

By Taheerah | 1st January 2013 | 7 Comments

Hey everyone! Welcome to 2013! I’ve just a few more days off before heading back to work, and hopefully I’ll be able to get plenty more crafting done in that time! For now though I’m sharing a card I made